Scope of PSI Summer School

The experimental methods provided by PSI to the scientific community, which are synchrotron light, neutrons and muons, will play a crucial but not exclusive role, and the overall theme of this 9th school (2010) on Condensed Matter Research is dedicated to Magnetic phenomena. The school focus is to achieve a basic understanding of magnetism, how to study and characterize magnetic phenomena on the nanoscale and learn more about their importance in areas ranging from basic science to information technology and health.

We will show how photons, neutrons, and muons can be used to probe magnetism and detect new phenomena on the nm scale and introduce the following techniques:
powder diffraction, small-angle scattering, neutron spectroscopy, x-ray absorption spectroscopy, reflectometry, muon spin rotation/relaxation and X-ray circular dichroism.

The school is addressed mainly to the education of PhD and postdoctoral students without prior knowledge of photon, neutron, and muon techniques. It is fully open to the national and non-national public, and the language of the school is English.

The number of participants is limited to 100.